What do I need to bring to start storing?

You will need to provide us with your full name, your full postal address including postcode, your bank details and your initial payment. (The amount will vary depending on the size of storage space required and will be agreed with you prior to your start date).

For example : if you rent a container on a monthly basis, we will require one month’s rent as a deposit and one month’s rent in advance.

The deposit will be returned to you upon leaving, subject to the storage unit, padlock and keys being returned in a clean & tidy condition, similar to when you took it over.  Most of our clients prefer to set up a standing order to cover the monthly rental payments (each month is payable in advance) and we will provide the forms for you to complete.  You will need your bank account number, sort code and your bank’s full postal address.



When can I access my goods?

365 days a year.


Do I need insurance?

We do not insist on you insuring your goods but it may be something for you to consider.  We do not recommend a particular insurer but can give you details of a company we have worked with previously who can arrange cover online at a reasonable cost. Your home insurance should also cover your household goods but you should contact your insurance company to check this.


What can I store?

You can store almost anything at Aldingbourne Storage, with some exceptions.  These exceptions include, but are not limited to, gas, flammable items, fireworks, perishable goods or materials, dangerous chemicals, toxis substances, goods of an illegal nature or live animals.


What happens if I need to change my container size?

No problem, just let us know.  One of the benefits of flexible storage is that you can increase or decrease the size of unit you occupy as your needs change, so you only pay for the space you need.  Changes can be made at short notice, subject to availability.


How soon can I move my goods into storage?

You can move in immediately, subject to availability and payment of deposit etc.


How much notice must I give if I want to move out?

This is based on your individual agreement with Aldingbourne Storage.


Do you provide locks?

Yes, we provide special security padlocks at no additional charge and issue you with one key. You can also use your own locks in addition to this if you wish.