Here are a few ideas to help make moving your goods into storage easier.  Our staff will be happy to provide you with details of van hire and removals companies and we can also provide you with packing materials.

Packing up

We suggest that you :

  • Disassemble larger items, storing screws and other fixings in a labelled bag
  • Box everything, so that nothing gets lost
  • Use proper storage boxes that won’t collapse
  • Spread heavier items around so that boxes aren’t too heavy to move (e.g. don’t put all your books in one box as it may be difficult to lift!)
  • Wrap china and glass piece by piece. (It may be time-consuming but is worth the effort to protect precious items). Put the heaviest items at the bottom and pad out corners and empty spaces
  • Label your boxes clearly, preferably on the top and one side.  Ideally, keep a list of numbered boxes and their contents
  • Clean out fridges, freezers, ovens and food cupboards and tape doors closed for transportation

In the van

  • For a long distance, choose a van large enough for just one trip.  For shorter distances, it may be better to plan several trips in a smaller van
  • Load biggest items first and pad spaces between items
  • Tie or secure everything so it doesn’t topple or slide
  • Put your wallet, keys, specs, handbag all in one bag so all your important items are together on moving day

At the storage unit

  • Store large items first
  • Fill hollow items such as wardrobes with smaller boxes
  • Store appliances with the doors wedged open
  • In a large unit, leave a space down the middle for easier access
  • Put dust covers over stored items